Our Affirmation card sets are basically a little burst of good vibes for your child (and you!) Children are dealing with stress and anxiety at overwhelming numbers.These cards help children to stay focused on the little things. They promote self love and emotional intelligence.

Designed to give children a positive affirmation to focus on each day! 

We believe that if Children are exposed to positivity everyday, they will blossom and live more positive, successful lives.

These card sets can be used in many ways, hang them like a bunting or blu tack them to a wall. Pick one out each day and write about its meaning....
But this is how WE think they should be used…

1. Shuffle the pack
2. Turn the cards face down and fan out.
3. Ask your child to close their eyes and ask themselves 
"What is the positive message I need to carry with me today"
4. Pick a card.
5. Read the message.
6. Take these good vibes into your day with you.
7.Repeat every morning.
8. Be happy!

Girls sets, Boys sets and Mixed sets are available.

The cards are printed on  300gsm and measure 90mm x 145mm with curved corners.
Each pack comes in it's own drawstring bag.
There are 24 cards in a set and some of the messages include - 

"You Are Never Alone"
"Dream big then dream bigger"
"Be Kind to one Another"
"You Are A Child Of the Universe, No less than the trees and the stars"
"She needed a superhero So that's what she became"
"Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder"

"Be Awesome Like Batman"

"Always Be A Good Sport"
"We are all made of Stars"
And many more……

All artwork was originally hand drawn by me, Lou in my home studio! 

:: Please be aware that colours may vary slightly due to the differences in our computer screens.

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Regular price $30.00