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Grief is just a part of life.

These grief cards were designed with lots of love and empathy. When a person is grieving, they often feel unheard or judged for their sadness. They are to be used the same way you would affirmation cards. Shuffle the pack each day, and then randomly pull one out .... You will receive a message relating to grief.

Printed on 350 GSM art paper, they come in a set of 24 and measure 90mm x 145mm with curved corners.

All artwork was originally hand drawn by me, Lou in my home studio!

:: Please be aware that colours may vary slightly due to the differences in our computer screens. 

I know how lonely grief can be and so I hope these cards make others feel understood and  less alone.Give a set as a gift to someone who is grieving, to a friend, a family member, a teacher...and lets start talking more about the grief we carry.