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You guys have been asking me for ages for some adult affirmation here they are!

Wooohoooo ......I've always been a lover of daily affirmations, not just for kids, but for me too!

They remind us of our worth, they shut up that little voice in your head telling you you're not good enough, and they refocus us when we are feeling negative.

They are to be used the same way you would any other affirmation cards. Shuffle the pack each day, and then randomly pull one out .... You will receive a message -  A reminder that you are strong, a message about your worth, a message to lift you up.

Printed on 350 GSM art paper, they come in a set of 24 and measure 95mm x 150mm with curved corners. Each pack comes in a calico drawstring bag.

There are 24 cards in a set and some of the messages include - 

 "I am always moving forward"

"I trust my intuition"

"I am strong"

"I constantly attract abundance with my thoughts"

"Gratitude turns what I have into enough"

"Today I will speak EXTRA kindly to myself"

"I will never ever give up"

And many more……

These card sets can be used in many ways. You can use them as journalling prompts, send random reminders to friends, leave them around the house for the people you love, or stick them on a wall. Use them like affirmation cards, or hand them out to your besties!

 All artwork was originally hand drawn by me, Lou in my home studio!

:: Please be aware that colours may vary slightly due to the differences in our computer screens.