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These grief cards were designed with lots of love and empathy for those grieving.

My first experience of grief was when my Mother passed over. Initailly I felt surrounded by love and support. But after the funeral, and as life went on I began to feel that there was a time limit on my grief, handed down by society. As I met others who had lost loved ones, I discovered many felt the same way. Grief can be a very isolating experience, and trying to support someone going through grief can be complicated. These cards are the perfect gift for someone who doesn't know what to say or do for a friend in grief. 

They are to be used the same way you would affirmation cards. Shuffle the pack each day, and then randomly pull one out .... You will receive a message relating to grief. A reminder that you are not alone, a beautiful message about loss, a message to life you up.

Printed on 350 GSM art paper, they come in a set of 24 and measure 95mm x 150mm with curved corners. Each pack comes in a calico drawstring bag.

There are 24 cards in a set and some of the messages include - 


"You won't get over it but you will learn to live with it"

"I'll never be that me again"

"Pain shapes a woman into a warrior"

"Fear is a reaction, Courage is a decision"

"Sometimes you need to breakdown in order to break through"

"You cannot heal if you do not feel"

And many more……

These card sets can be used in many ways, hang them like a bunting or blu tack them to a wall.Use them like affirmation cards, or hand them out to your besties!

 All artwork was originally hand drawn by me, Lou in my home studio!

:: Please be aware that colours may vary slightly due to the differences in our computer screens. 

I know how lonely grief can be and so I hope these cards make others feel understood and  less alone.Give a set as a gift to someone who is grieving, to a friend, a family member, a teacher...and lets start talking more about the grief we carry.