DIY Card Making Kit

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Card making kits for kids AND ADULTS to get creative with! 

All you need to add is glue, scissors, textas/pencils and A BIG IMAGINATION!!! 

There are two sets available, but this set has enough in it to make 10 cards and 2 beautiful works of art!! 

There are also a few "themed" packs - such as random selection, positive affirmations, animals, christmas, birthday and words/numbers.

All you need is glue, textas and a BIG IMAGINATION!!!

This kit includes -

5 x MINI GIFT CARDS (7.5 x 10.5cm when folded) 

5 X SQUARE CARDS & ENVELOPES (12.5 X 12.5CM when folded) 

1 X PACK OF ASSORTED PAPER CUT OFFS (approximately 50 pieces - half with Totally Innocent Illustrations, half plain and patterned papers!) 


This pack will create hours of fun for all age groups!

And just so you know, when you purchase this little kit you are also helping Mother Earth as everything in these packs are misprints or old designs that could no longer be used. Some had little smudges on them or had markings or were printed on the wrong paper! I HATE to throw things out when they can be reused - so this is the perfect opportunity to rid myself of some unusable stock! Numbers are get in fast to grab your crafty pack!!!