Totally innocent dreamcatchers come in many colours and sizes and are lovingly handmade - from the wrapping of the ring, to the hand rolled polymer clay beads and feathers!

They look gorgeous in a bedroom or anywhere in the house that needs a little love! Perfect for any age too.

If your child is afraid of going to sleep or has bad dreams, a dreamcatcher may help. Native American cultures believe the dreamcatcher catches the dreams as they drift on by. The good dreams, know their way and pass through the webbing while the bad dreams, do not know the way, and get caught in the webbing and are destroyed at the first light of the morning sun.

Many tribes and Native peoples have adopted Dream Catchers into their culture.Though the designs and legends of Dream Catchers differ slightly with every culture, the symbolism and basic meaning remain the same.

This product has been handmade in my studio in Melbourne!

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day and sweet dreams.

Please note - DECORATIVE USE ONLY - Not a toy. Keep out of reach of small children. Choking hazard!

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