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Clearance SALE !!

Time to clear some stock ! We have lots of old card designs hanging around, as well as some deleted lines like invitations, odd calico bags,cloth baby books,and illustrations.THEY ALL NEED TO GO !! I thought about doing a facebook sale, but decided instead to have a big clearance sale this Saturday at the Yarraville […]

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End Of FInancial Year Sale !!

We are having our first ever facebook sale. I work from a very tiny space (some call it a dungeon),which spews out into my kitchen… I have NO space to move, and there is too much product just hanging around for my liking. Also, I am currently having a website makeover, and that has got […]

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A Little Competition never killed anyone…

OK. Time for a little prize throwing. Want to win a pack of ten totally innocent cards? No ? Then stop reading now. Yes? Well good on you.We like people like you.To win a card pack valued at $59.95, simply become a “follower” of totally innocent, and leave a comment to go into the draw. […]

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