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“Light Hearts”

Last year, totally innocent was involved in the “light In Winter” festival at Federation Square. This year we are again involved. They are once again using totally innocent illustrations on the lampshades that children will be colouring in.Insert smile here.
These lampshades will be attached to the “Light Hearts” installation, created by Bruce Ramus.This structure will be 4 stories high, yarn-bombed,turned into an OVOO,and decorated over the month long installation with lanterns.The Light Hearts structure is expected to hold around 3000 lanterns. It is sure to be spectacular by the end of the festival.If you would like to make a lantern or for your child to make one, the lantern making days are each Saturday in June. For more information,have a look at the Federation Square website.For more info on the “Light Hearts” Installation, see here.
To see some images from last years festival, see here….

I have also helped out in creating a fabric instillation, inspired by the OVOO.An Ovoo is a Mongolian prayer ritual whereby you tie or wrap a piece of fabric onto the frame, and make a wish/say a prayer/have a moment. Have a peek over here to learn more about Ovoos.

I will be at the lantern making workshop every Saturday in June (except Sat 11th) – would love to see you and your kids there. If you don’t have kids, come and make a lantern anyway.Or make a wish at the Ovoo.


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  1. Jo Williams Photography
    May 31, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    Sounds fantastic Lou, I will try to come along one of those saturdays, and see you. Good luck with it all. xxx