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Light Hearts lantern making – part 1

I am a little behind on my Fed Square updates….been so busy. so busy.

The lantern making workshops have been a HUGE success. Free activities often are…but we didn’t expect such a positive reaction.
We were well under staffed the 1st week. Just me and Kass assembling over 250 lanterns in six hours. We didn’t stop for a toilet break, lunch,a drink,nada…nuthin! (Thanks so much for your help Kass – you were awesome!)
We were exhausted after 6 hours of non stop action, but I was thrilled with the response.

Here are some photos from the day….

Kass and other important forces in pyramid building!!

Lanterns in the daylight…

The “Light Hearts” Pyramid in the evening.


One of about 30 lanterns made by my super creative daughter!

Lanterns at dusk….

And some yarnbombing….

Week 2 update on its way….


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