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Halloween 2011

Halloween is becoming a little bit bigger and more excitingevery year in Australia. When I was a child, I loved the concept, (I was such a dress up queen) but no one in Australia celebrated such an occasion. I love that my children have been given the chance to experience such a fun tradition. It’s the food, the costumes, the anticipation of trick or treating, the gathering of friends, and the thrill of walking the streets at night. There are a few out there who find the whole thing “annoying” and believe that it is an American tradition that we have no need to take on….well, here’s a little  history lesson for you all. It is NOT an American tradition….Thanks to teacher Jenny, here is the TRUE meaning behind Halloween.

We had a little party this year. My daughter has been begging me for a Halloween party for a few years now, and I have basically been to lazy to bother myself….well this year I put in some effort…and it was well worth it….just look at the joy on these little faces and tell me that we shouldn’t celebrate Halloween in this country…


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