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End Of FInancial Year Sale !!

We are having our first ever facebook sale.
I work from a very tiny space (some call it a dungeon),which spews out into my kitchen…
I have NO space to move, and there is too much product just hanging around for my liking.
Also, I am currently having a website makeover, and that has got me thinking about streamlining my product range.
So if you are looking for a bargain, trying to buy ahead for Christmas or birthdays, or if you are expecting a bambino, please have a look and buy up big. Think of me all squashed up in my workspace….think of my poor kids eating their dinner amongst my creative mess….and help me make some space !!

There is still lots available including childrens appliqued tees,singlets,aprons,discontinued card designs,gift cards, vintage storybook collages,and illustrations,stickers and
Have a look over on the facebook page … and simply write SOLD under anything that takes your fancy.
Happy Shopping. I will leave the sale open for the next couple of days, so go your hardest !!

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