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Clearance SALE !!

Time to clear some stock !

We have lots of old card designs hanging around, as well as some deleted lines like invitations, odd calico bags,cloth baby books,and illustrations.THEY ALL NEED TO GO !!

I thought about doing a facebook sale, but decided instead to have a big clearance sale this Saturday at the Yarraville Markets.

So come down and get a bargain….Prices start at $1…YES $1

We will also be selling some old tee designs and onesies, and maybe even a quilt or 2….

Be sure to come and visit and see what bargains you can grab ! And while you are there, check out all the other incredibly talented stallholders and their gorgeous items…..

Hope to see you there between 10am and 5 pm.


Stitched collages – 5 x 7″


children’s appliqued tees

Deleted card designs and old Christmas stock !!

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