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Here Comes the Sun

A Drawing A Day

This year I set myself a challenge…..A challenge I have tried (and failed at) a few times before…. The challenge was to do “a drawing a day”. This time, I have actually stuck at it. Each day (most days…!)  I post a photo on instagram of a sketch that I have done that day. They […]

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Massive Facebook Sale.

Hi..It’s been a long time between drinks, I know…. but just wanted to put it out there that we at Totally Innocent are putting on a HUGE facebook sale – starting tonight at 7.30.Items for sale include appliqued tshirts, cards,swing tags, stickers,craft supplies,christmas cards, cot quilts,bunting,santa sacks …and the list goes on. Here’s the rules… […]

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Clearance SALE !!

Time to clear some stock ! We have lots of old card designs hanging around, as well as some deleted lines like invitations, odd calico bags,cloth baby books,and illustrations.THEY ALL NEED TO GO !! I thought about doing a facebook sale, but decided instead to have a big clearance sale this Saturday at the Yarraville […]

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Halloween 2011

Halloween is becoming a little bit bigger and more excitingevery year in Australia. When I was a child, I loved the concept, (I was such a dress up queen) but no one in Australia celebrated such an occasion. I love that my children have been given the chance to experience such a fun tradition. It’s […]

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The Website Continues…..

Well, it’s been a week of learning.A week of frustration.A week of confusion.A week of desperate phone calls to my web people.A week of sore elbows (RSI??) I decided to put a few days aside to try and learn the whole website thing, and yes,after some serious failing I am slowly getting there. With a […]

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We are live. At last….

Helllllooooo! It has been months since I last checked in and gave you guys any news on the happenings of totally innocet. But for good reason…..not only do we have a beautiful new website AND SHOP, but we have also been flat out with many different markets. We just recentlyspent 2 days at the Royal […]

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End Of FInancial Year Sale !!

We are having our first ever facebook sale. I work from a very tiny space (some call it a dungeon),which spews out into my kitchen… I have NO space to move, and there is too much product just hanging around for my liking. Also, I am currently having a website makeover, and that has got […]

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Light Heart Lantern making …part 3, week 3

Words can not do it justice….so let’s look instead …week 3 of the Light Hearts pyramid… Lanterns…. The pyramid sparkling on Saturday night….. It has been so much fun to be a part of this experience. So many talented people, including Grandmothers,teachers,children,CEO’s,teenagers,toddlers,corporates,artists,yarn bombers,crocheters,graffiti artists,and mental health workers have contributed to a great project.1 week to […]

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Light Heart Lantern making …part 2

The pyramid is looking more and more interesting and beautiful as the weeks are going by. It’s busy,the community is getting involved,there are lanterns of all shapes and sizes and I am feeling rather blessed to be a part of it all. Here’s some photos from last Saturday…. Fred Kroh – official photographer. Bruce Ramus […]

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Light Hearts lantern making – part 1

I am a little behind on my Fed Square updates….been so busy. so busy. The lantern making workshops have been a HUGE success. Free activities often are…but we didn’t expect such a positive reaction. We were well under staffed the 1st week. Just me and Kass assembling over 250 lanterns in six hours. We […]

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